Over the past 10 years we have worked on over 45 projects in the United Arab Emirates consisting of the design, procurement & commissioning of over 50 kilometers of leak detection sensing (LDS) cables at various depths of up to 12 meters as well as the installation of 300 single point leak detection sensor probes.

After nurturing our reputation as LDS experts we laser focused in our expertise on the development of LDS systems for fuel hydrant systems on civil & military airports.


Culminating in being awarded the Abu Dhabi Mid-Field Terminal (ADAC) project as well as Al-Dhafra Military Air Base (CMW). To the best of our knowledge the two aforementioned projects represent the largest LDS scope project to ever be executed in terms of the length of the cables commissioned.





Following our expertise in the sphere of fuel hydrant lines at Airports we also boast many clients in the Fuel Storage/Depot industry with projects completed at JIFF (Dubai Fuel Storage Tank Farm), Al-Hamriyah Fuel Depot (ADNOC) & Fujairah Naval Base (CMW) to name a few.

Our focus on this niche industry has allowed us to develop a wide range of experience in dealing with and consulting our Clients on the best available systems & technology to protect their assets from a range of different leaks (liquid, gas, etc).


Furthermore we have acquired the knowledge required to handle LDS Projects Turnkey from Engineering to Commissioning.

Our Project References:

  • Abu Dhabi Airport Mid Field Terminal (ADAC)
    • 33kms of fuel pipe network for apron jet fuel line monitored using sensing cable.


  • Al-Dhafra Military Air Base (CMW)
    • Fuel sensing cables and point sensors, used for monitoring 17kms of fuel pipe network.


  • JIFF – Dubai Fuel Storage Tank Farm (BP)
    • Three bulk storage tanks and pump houses monitored using point sensors.


  • Al-Hamriyah Fuel Depot (ADNOC)
    • Fourteen bulk storage tanks monitored using sensing cables laid at tank bottom and two underground tanks monitored by point sensors inserted in interstitial space.
  • Fujairah Naval Base (CMW)
    • Three above ground bulk storage tanks and 3kms fuel transfer line to jetty, monitored by sensing cables and eight buried tanks monitored by point sensors.